How to make a chance to sample from the database without random?

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  • random entry? - Yakovlev Andrey
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    if (time ()% 2 == 0) {echo "There is a chance!"; ` - lampa
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  • no, for example, I have a table attack_pokemons and a field chans a chance from 1 to 100, I need to make this chance work - Riolu
  • Shrek, I can’t think how to do it, except with the help of a random house = ( - Riolu

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$chance = 60; $success = 0; $failure = 0; for ($i = 0; $i < 100; $i++) { ((mt_rand(0, 99) + $chance) >= 100) ? $success++ : $failure++; } echo 'Success: '.$success.', Failure: '.$failure;