On his computer.

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    Only one legitimate way is to give the user a link, what would he say, and then launch it himself. illegal way: exploit browser vulnerabilities. The third way is to use the browser itself to launch another program to process a specific type of file - for example, a torrent client or microsoft word. But the client can configure it in a rather non-trivial way (for example, open pdf files with winrar). - KoVadim
  • It is clear that, generally speaking, there should not be such an opportunity, otherwise every web page will want to execute format c: on the user's machine. - VladD

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exec ()

I also used this option in the past:

 function _exec($cmd) { $WshShell = new COM("WScript.Shell"); $oExec = $WshShell->Run($cmd, 0,false); echo $cmd; return $oExec == 0 ? true : false; } _exec("youexe.exe"); 
  • This file is launched at client yes - cas
  • @ cas-live at the client does not run for security reasons. Although if the client is some kind of server receiver, it is quite possible. - lampa
  • Yes, the program is installed - cas
  • For example, how does the program work torrent namely magnet link - cas
  • @ cas-live don't know anything about this. - lampa

If on the server side, then: