I want to learn C, I myself know C # at a good level. There are a couple of questions.

  1. Languages ​​are similar?
  2. Chose Ritchie, is this a good book?


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    feel spitting tortured by the author. In no case do I want to say that C is worse than C #, but still in the .NET CLR much takes over, whereas in C you have to do everything yourself - DreamChild
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    question: why do you need it? C # is an excellent language, CLR is an excellent platform. If you want something with unmanaged code - do not sit behind this junk, take at least C ++. They are more like and you can write in C # style if you want. - Sergey
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    Why is all this necessary? maybe @Virs plans to write C under .NET. For many, this would be very interesting. A lot of old code could be easily ported. - KoVadim
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    @ Sergey and why in general C # - does MS (or rather msr) have a great F # language for a great CLR ((tm) MS) platform? Do not sit on this junk - C # ... - alexlz
  • >> can @ wirs planning to write C under .NET To use an object-oriented framework in a procedural language? This is still that sodomy. - nitrocaster

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  1. Languages ​​are quite similar! C # about semantics, objects, tasks and transformations, C about efficiency, addresses, bits and bytes.
  2. Richie is one of the authors of the language. Do you mean the book by Kernigan and Richie? Good, almost bible sishnika.
    1. The C syntax was the basis for the C # syntax. The similarity ends there.
    2. K & R is not a bad book by itself, but it will be difficult for a beginner. Very dry in style, concise, examples are too complicated, no exercises. In Russian I can advise S. Prata "Programming language C". But she came out about 10 years ago and now it is not easy to get it, and I have not met it electronically.
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      Complex examples? For fifth graders, it can be difficult, and for those who study a second language - the most it. No exercise? Exercises are in bydloknigaha type "study with ++ for 24 hours for dummies." In short, no need. - nitrocaster
    • @Flammable, flipped through K & R again. By the way, there are exercises, for some reason I did not pay attention to this fact before. So, K & R - bydlokniga. Do not read in any way! - skegg
    • >> So, K & R - bydlokniga. Do not read in any way! It does not follow from my comment that K & R is bydlokniga. - nitrocaster
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      No, it should! According to the laws of formal logic. - skegg
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      @mikillskegg, you're wrong. You can consider it a plum, if it increases your self-esteem. - nitrocaster

    at a good level? then question C is very strange.

    1. No, languages ​​are different. Although visually at first glance it seems that they are similar.
    2. Books from the authors of the language is good. But most importantly, whatever the outdated syntax there is (also called K & R style).
    • I do not think this is a strange question: 1. just curiosity 2. You know C - you know half the world. - zenith