Hello! Help is determined. Recently I started to study web programming, I chose PHP for the server part, and of course, JavaScript for the client part. After a bit of familiarization with JS, I liked it more than PHP (some kind of boring one). And now I think, maybe we should start learning NodeJS instead of PHP, in order to fully immerse ourselves in one technology. What do you think of it?

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    Do not mess with PHP, it will not bring to good. Anyway, do not start with it - DreamChild
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    I think you need to learn something to pay money for. Because having studied one language, you will not spend a long time on it, you want more and more, and the horizon expands immediately. So while nodeJS is not yet supported by all hosters, it is better to learn php / mysql / html / js / css, at least with this you can make money to experiment over nodeJS. You can’t bet on one language they die like kittens in typing. And nodejs will soon get tired of everything too. And all sorts of GO, kotlin on the way ... - BiMaWa
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    @DreamChild than you php did not please? Is it difficult? On the issue: javascript has a higher level of entry, it is not so easy given. You can write an application that will lag with every sneeze, just have to try a little. And debugging is harder. (I'm talking about node.js). Well, so - cool thing ;-) - lampa
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    @lampa that very much contributes to bydlokodingu. Here, of course, you can dissolve a multi-page dispute, arguing that "the main thing is not what language, but what programmer," but in the case of a novice programmer, we don’t have to talk about it - DreamChild
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    rave. wrong. Just php is somewhat easier to start, it gives you the opportunity to get a result faster and forgives some errors. A person usually wants to get a result in some reasonable time. Therefore, if you make this experiment, then a part of programmers with delphi / java / c ++ / haskell / any_other_right_language_ will switch to php. Since php will be easier for them. Accordingly, php will have a lot of "bad coders". Of course, there will be reverse transitions to other languages ​​with php. But all of the above does not mean that php is worse / easier than other languages. He just start easier. - KoVadim

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I would recommend to study both in parallel mode, for:
first, pkhp will not die for a long time and will be in demand.
secondly, but.des will also be in demand because of its performance and lightness

(itself since 2004 on pkhp, now I do some modules on the node.), since pkhp does not have time in some places ..)

  • Thank! I have no more questions :) - noob_pro
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    eg? where does not have time? Tell me more about it - Pavel Dura
  • "do not have time" for example, where need riltaym - chat rooms, interactive igrulki, etc. - deivan_

Learn Python and then the Django framework. Well, Noda, if you are going to create asynchronous garbage.

    If for fun, then of course, study something one. If you plan to make programming your work, then there is still a lot to learn (for example, MySQL).


    On Habré slipped article, which shows how based on nodejs make cross-platform applications.