Having read articles on the Internet, I installed this vsftpd. But it does not work.
First, he gave "Ooops! Bad bool value on ..." to all values ​​in vsftpd.conf. I really thought that there is a different configuration.
Tried to change to the options YES, NO, TRUE, FALSE, 0, 1.
I tried to change the encoding to UTF-8. Did not help.
Then he pulled the finished config from EXAMPLE, replaced. He began to issue:

"500 OOPS: could not bind listening IPv4 socket"

Tried to put listen YES \ NO, he began to write something about standalone and inetd.
Began to look for info how to restart xinetd.
Tried "killall -1 xinetd". Then he started swearing at guest_username: virtual.
For some reason, port 10021 stood in the connection settings for filezilla (maybe I put it). Replaced by 21.
Began to connect as an anonymous user. But I do not need anonymous. I need to place several sites in different directories and each site has separate ftp access.
Began to look for info how to add user ftp. Something shaman with addgroup ftpuser, adduser, etc. I connect to the username / password of the created user via filezilla, it says that this server is only anonymous. Here is a mess of all the articles from the Internet.
I have not been out of my company for two weeks.

How to set it up normally?

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    The vsftpd website has a source tree. There are examples of settings. The last example is taken for virtual users, now it is version 2.3.4 , and is performed in steps that are indicated there.

    Before setting up vsftpd you need to install everything you need:

    sudo apt-get install vsftpd pwgen db4.7-util -y -qq 

    Generating a name and password in step 1

     echo name > logins.txt && pwgen -N 1 >> logins.txt 

    Instead of db_load execute db4.7_load :

     db4.7_load -T -t hash -f logins.txt /etc/vsftpd_login.db 

    Example of initial setup (in Russian).

    • Is this, if I'm not mistaken, an example for Ubuntu? Problems with this on Debian should not be? I'm just afraid to poke around this putty once again - VeloceRAPTOR
    • one
      Yes, everything on Debian should be the same as on Ubuntu. - Nicolas Chabanovsky ♦