Got any books on Free Pascal? If there is, tell me some.

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It is for Free Pascal books a little (I know 2, which describes about Free Pascal and the Lazarus environment). Most books on Pascal are focused on Turbo Pascal, so study material, Free Pascal and Lazarus, on the website, which is in the comments. If you still need books, then look at these:

  1. Alekseev, E. R., Chesnokova, O.V., Kucher, T.V. - Tutorial programming on Free Pascal and Lazarus.
  2. Mansurov K.T. - Basics of programming in the Lazarus environment.

The Lazarus environment uses the Free Pascal compiler, so if you find some more literature on it, you won’t go wrong. If you simply collector learn how to program in Pascal, then you can also start with Turbo Pascal (what is written in it Free Pascal should also compile).

Books on Turbo Pascal:

  1. Faronov V.V. - Turbo Pascal.
  2. Nemnyugin S.A. - Turbo Pascal.
  3. Rapakov G.G., Rzhetskaya S.Yu. - Programming in Pascal.
  4. Vitaly Potopakhin - Turbo Pascal solution of complex problems.
  5. Jan Gordon - Subtleties of programming in Pascal.
  6. Okulov S.M. - Programming in algorithms.

Some of these books are here.