Hello! The following problem arose: Google abandoned the FeedBurner API - used to display the number of subscribers to a blog on the site. You can still get this data through http://feeds.feedburner.com/~fc/ FeedBurner-ID, but this option does not suit you. On the other hand, blograte.ru still displays in a text form the number of subscribers, for example, blograte.ru

How can I get this data either from blograte.ru or from feedburner?

  • you yourself answered your question by putting down the labels correctly. curl & php .. @abibock_un suggested a simple option, with curl it is more correct, but you can use this and that. - Ozim

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Try using the file_get_contents function:

$homepage = file_get_contents($url); 

and with the help of a regular expression, extract the necessary data from the source code of the website page $ url

More detail here