I didn’t find the hashcode.ru tag about VDS / VPS settings for hosting sites. Please give a good fresh installation manual (apache2, mysql, php, phpmyadmin)

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  • On # amdin.hashcode.ru or something similar did not find: ( - MACJIO
  • You misunderstood me, I want this information to be on #hashcode, I will not even follow your links ... The manual should be so that users can see the hint from the competent administrators of VDS / VPS servers. Maybe it sounds like something demanding, but I would like it to look that way .. - MACJIO
  • @MACJIO, in time, something may change, but at the moment, the format of this service is “ Question - Answer ”, but not “ HashCopedia - Deonis
  • We will not look into the future, but we will talk and think .. - MACJIO