I SQLconnection component on the form accordingly, set it up, try to connect to MySQL and get this message

"access denied for user 'root' @ 'localhost' (using password yes)"

libmysql.dll copied to bin (folder delphi) and system32 ,
the rootconfig.default.php user was not set in the phpmyadmin password and the config.inc.php password was not set

  • In general, when working with MySQL, you need to start a server, did you start it? - Gena Ant
  • No, of course, phpmyadmin works by itself, of course it works - LLIAKAJI
  • That is, by itself? - Gena Ant
  • one
    @LLIAKAJI, mysql is a DBMS - Vfvtnjd
  • one
    > no password was set> access denied for user 'root' @ 'localhost' (using password yes) The error says that you are trying to connect as root '@' localhost 'using a password. But who reads error messages ... - Nofate ♦

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Set up rights in MySQL

    What settings did you make in Delphi?

    In the component SimpleDataSet ? LoginPrompt everywhere which is true or false ?

    You can make a new user.

    1. SimpleDataSet component right-click to select Edit connection -> Mysql connection to insert the correct data to connect to the database.

    ps everything just connects there. You can drop the file to the root of the program, set up a bunch of 2 components, set the data for entering the database and everything, voila is ready.

      Invalid username, password or host

      1. Check the input encoding
      2. Empty password is also a password
      3. Check letter case
      • Not really. At least in this context. MySQL somehow thinks that if the password is empty, then it is not. Respectively using password: NO - alex_xpert
      • I do not know how this component is written. maybe there are two password_enable: = true / false and password: = "" properties. I have not sat in Delphi for two years. wrote to insure against such a case, because it does not interfere to check - perfect