Not really a programmer question, of course, but I'm losing my mind. On duty of my work, I use Corel, I work with a vector. I take the logo, I process it vector, i.e. put a full stop there, lengthen the line here ... trivially, then export to the .plt extension ... it doesn't matter anymore. Corel is constantly open, except for him firefox, Skype, Avast, totalcomander is loaded on the computer and depending on the mood VisualStudio 2010 or eclipse ... Eclipse found how to speed up, VS2010 is not really, but I like it lags ... But Corel ... how it slows down ... I can’t normally alt + tab, when the authorities come in ... and in the process, too, loading the logo, etc. Anyone can advise sensible anything on this issue?

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    Corel is a memory-demanding program. If the system slows down when switching windows, it is possible that there is not enough memory and time is spent on working with the paging file. You can check in the system monitor (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) whether this is so. If so, then you need to buy more memory.

    You can also play with the Corel memory settings. Go to Tools> Options -> Workspace / Memory.

    • Check the Enable Compression box (to compress the data and less frequently access the disk).
    • Increase Memory Usage, for example, up to 75% (so that most of the memory was in Corel).
    • Specify two disks for Swap Disks paging files.

    And besides, go to the tab Workspace / General.

    • Reduce the value of Undo levels so that kickbacks take up less space in the memory.
    • Thank you) I sighed a little deeper ... - Aleksey Makas