There is a stream of playback.

<audio id="player"> <source src="" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio> </div> <button class="btn" onclick="document.getElementById('player').play()">Воспроизведение</button> <button class="btn" onclick="document.getElementById('player').pause()">Пауза</button> <button class="btn" onclick="document.getElementById('player').volume+=0.1">Громкость +</button> <button class="btn" onclick="document.getElementById('player').volume-=0.1">Громкость -</button> 

in the end he writes that

[21: 44: 23.581] The "type" attribute specified for "audio / mpeg" is not supported. Could not load media resource @

How to be and what to do?

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    Failed to load media resource ...

    It gives 404.