Good day, I encountered such a problem, there is a html form, in it the fields are the name, the radius and most importantly the start and end time. my fields look like this: <input type = "text" name = "begintime"> the problem is that I need the user to type time while clicking on the form field as I need it in the format HH: MM: SS, yes you can of course Then check what he typed for correctness, but if there is a way to call any dial on which you simply select the time or, as in the android, set the clock. Tell me who knows what and show if possible.

  • Check need in any case, grieve you. The user will choose a date, and then enter something abnormal, or immediately enter something abnormal =) - Gena Ant

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Googling for "jquery input time" and there will be a lot of plugins for you. From myself I can advise this plugin.

    In html5 there is a new type of tag input time

    <input type="time" name="time" /> 

    displays a special field for entering time, but support is still very weak.

    So jQeury plugins in your case is a way out, for example, ClockPick or the script itself to write.

    • yeah, ff in my linux doesn't know anything about this type = "time", and chrome showed how to - ArcherGodson
    • Yes, the answer says that weak support - Heidel