Good day. There is a desire to become stronger in java. I want to ask for a hint of the idea of ​​a dextup application where more diverse knowledge would be needed.

  • I asked a similar question, look, you can find something interesting from the answers:… - junior_dev
  • an address book is a typical task for a desktop that is for a console. as a variant of the tag - jmu

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  1. GTD organizer with synchronization with any service. Skill the skill of creating graphical interfaces, working with databases and working with the web.
  2. Announcer about new issues on HashCode . Again, work with the web, some functions related to time (update interval) and tray. Such a program must be in the tray.
  3. And my favorite tip: write Conway's game "Life" . It is simple :) Here you and arrays and work with OpenGL (optional)

And all this is mandatory with the GUI.

    Now I thought and that's what came. Make a game (client, server). Everything is sent to a question or a task, they decide who has done it before, and he is good.

    Write the results in b. Make your GUI. In general, something like this. The server is also interesting, there are different ways.

    • Thanks for the idea, but I don’t want to get in touch with the web yet - mixailflash
    • So do not do it with the web, make any client server application. Organize a socket connection and communication using xml tools, if you want to be very confused, encrypt xml (for example, 7bit encoding). The client should contact the server (for example, localhost: 43534), be authorized, then send and receive requests / tasks. Server to be able to identify and authorize the client, send and receive requests / tasks. and there is something like a chat can be done either remote control or remote monitoring ... whatever your heart desires;) - sonniy
    • yes, thanks, as I didn’t think - mixailflash
    • I meant it, but what you initially thought was also in demand and interesting. - alex91