There is a web java app using Hibernate. The problem is that saving in the database in new objects is too slow. Are there any ways or settings that can improve performance?

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    Did the profiler run? Maybe you do not save, and the conversion to the string slows down or access to the database, which lies at the other end of the world. - KoVadim 2:41 pm
  • and all of them snapped up at once on a person, it’s no secret that any orm framework is still those brakes - jmu

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Hibernate is not very productive, if you have a large load, it is better to use Spring JDBC or MyBatis. Well, if you have a long addition to the local database with one user, then of course something is not properly configured and read the manual ...

    Before you swear that ORM slows down, you should carefully review what and how you are doing and download the file.