On ubuntu 12.04 worth sendmail

The problem is that when sending e-mail through telnet, the letter does not reach the mailbox, although in the terminal all commands pass without errors. Googling found out that letters from localhost are blocked by mailers! How can you get out of the situation?

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    Understood nothing. You write telnet localhost 25 .... HELO localhost MAIL FROM: yournick @ localhost RCPT TO: root @ localhost DATA mail header lines \ r \ n message data. QUIT so? All server replies are 2xx, 3xx and local root. If not, explain specifically what you are doing. - avp
  • Thank you, it comes to the local root, and all the previous ones turn out to be)))) But in my mailbox on yandexe and google nifiga ( - deniz
  • Oh, and Yandex came, only with a delay of several minutes + immediately to the spam folder, although the sender indicated its second Google box - deniz
  • and Google also came to the Spam folder - deniz

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Perhaps you can start with SMTP , go into the section with RFC, but if in brief, I can assume that the mandatory requirements for the SMTP server, such as A-PTR and MX records in DNS, are not met.

And there are logs, there are specific errors. It is better to look there than to guess.

  • I don’t see errors in the error logs, and everything is sent only for some reason right away to the Spam folder - deniz
  • @deniz, what logs are you talking about? - avp
  • if sent to spam, can look at the host? Can I get a test letter at admin@countrycom.ru? - ArcherGodson
  • I mean sendmail's logs /var/log/mail.log - deniz
  • host75-27.snetfast.com? - ArcherGodson

You need to register on the mail server and have a mailbox there. Configure SMTP on your host by specifying the email server address.