Good time of day!

It is worth activeMQ, events are sent to it through python. There is a php listener (Stomp).

Periodically we observe one of the following pictures:

1) for any reason the listener has crashed. We start it again - the error "could not establish a connection with the server." At the same time activeMQ is live. Multiple launch retries - the listener starts.

ActiveMQ itself did not touch. Those. stupidly there were several launches in a row the listener. Nothing more.

2) by logs - the listener works (writes that it listens for events), but the activeMQ admin panel shows that there are no connections with it. Accordingly, events accumulate, the listener does not receive them.

At the same time, if activeMQ is stopped, then the listener drops. Those. some kind of one-way connection - the listener knows about the MQ, and the MQ does not know about the listener

Point 1 ( activeMQ 5.5 ) was observed when activeMQ and the listener were on the same server.

Point 2 ( activeMQ 5.7 ) was observed when activeMQ and listener were on different servers. This option was only tried, so whether or not item 1 appears or is not clear.

I tried activeMQ 5.6 - there were some problems too.

Connection with activeMQ - through a simple new Stomp('...') .

What could be the reason for this strange behavior?

  • > Run it again - the error "could not establish a connection to the server." At the same time activeMQ is live. Check that connections are accepted at this time. Stupidly telnet, for example. If they are accepted - to see why things are not going further, if not - why they are not accepted. The reasons may be different from a bug in ActiveMQ to a clogged connection table (nf_conntrack in the case of Linux, the characteristic screams in dmesg are attached) on the server. - drdaeman
  • @drdaeman, telnet connected, but PHP listener can not connect. "If they are accepted - to look, why the matter does not go any further" - where and where to look further? - BOPOH