I could not find Google standards for the resources for which they can be studied, 90% of the information that I found are ready-made regulars. I also found the book by J. Friedl, but somehow I don’t want to read such a thick book on this subject.

  • Read the book . Designers, wiki - nonsense. You can use them if you do not want to understand how regular expressions work. I put all the answers minus except that the designer did not recommend, but gave the link incomprehensible to something at least something amid the two other answers. P.S. I read Fridla myself and often pump my skills in regex answering the questions here, which are often much easier to solve with ready-made parsers, and I advise you to do the same after reading the book, otherwise you will try to create expressions without even understanding how they work. - ReinRaus
  • I agree. Either you read a normal book, or the question is removed altogether - so you really won't learn anything. - user6550
  • @ReinRaus you like to learn from books - so recommend the books :) As for the constructor I have cited, the meaning is in it - you can save the regulars with data and post them on the forum, as an example. Someone needs books in order to master the subject, and someone needs a reference book and a tool to perfect their skills. No one has yet canceled theoreticians and practitioners :) - vv2cc
  • And the book is only one - mentioned Friedl, she is "Mastering Regular Expressions". - user6550
  • one
    Hmm, for a start, you just need to learn the syntax, continue to fill your hand. It would not be bad to also discuss your version of the regular season and the version of other users on the forum, in order to see how easy and effective it is to make an expression. - lampa

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IMHO, that's enough: Regular expressions + Regular expression constructor

Here, look ... Suitable?



    less confused

    about modifiers



    Many examples

    Regular expressions for advanced users

    + any constructor. @ vv2cc one of these led.