What is the fastest way to create a component for Joomla?) Maybe if the special software for this is normal

  • software called BRAIN) - Ale_x
  • Handsome man )) - vinnie

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For me, the book turned out to be useful, where the creation of a component from scratch is step by step. One wrote a book, the second one, two sites came out of the third and fourth — commercial works. The book will not lead - it is already under the outdated Joomla 1.5, and besides, in English.

There is no software.

    A detailed guide is a very useful blog in general, with a bunch of useful tips.

      To create components I use phpstorm. There is the ability to quickly create a component for joomla. There are also many free and paid online services for quickly creating joomla components. Search for the query 'joomla component generator'

      • phpstorm is an IDE - development environment for the PHP language - saharin