It is worth Windows. I run git bash. each time you start, you need to go to a specific directory. I do not want to type with my hands.
I tried to write a script

#!/bin/sh cd /d/Coding/Angry_coders/Repository ECHO 'hi' 

at startup. hi outputs and cd does not.

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    So, probably because cd occurs in the console instance being killed. Insert the pwd and make sure everything goes correctly in the command shell instance that executes the shell script. - gecube

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Solution 1.

Run shell script through. For example, we have a shell script called 1.d and it is in the home directory.

 gaal@linux-lybs:~> . 1.d /usr/bin hi gaal@linux-lybs:/usr/bin> 

Solution 2.

Create an alias in the shell settings file. You can still go through the creation of the function

    In the properties of the shortcut, in addition to "Object" - the program that starts, there is also a "Working folder". Here in it, copy the path to your project - and it automatically opens when you start the gita from the shortcut (git v.1.8.3)