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Desirable in Russian

And it would be good if those pdf versions of which could be downloaded or bought in the internet right now. While the piece of paper reaches - wait a long time

ps My level is such that I can’t write anything harder than complicated helloword

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    Java, unfortunately or fortunately, is a language where there are no middling - or full bydlokodery or stars - so the question is in vain. - Barmaley
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    It depends on what is meant by the word "middling". - KoVadim
  • @Barmaley better write books on java which are definitely worth reading and from which you need to stay away. and even better to point out basic knowledge to them [for example, what do you think about these books from the java section] [1] ps I just want to explore in future java (android) [1]: - ProkletyiPirat
  • I taught by Schild and Nouton, but that was a long time ago. Now, for sure, there are better books, but for obvious reasons I haven’t read them, so I can't help you. - Barmaley
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    @Barmaley, as I understand it, in Java just costs the programmer to rise above the level of the bydlokoder and he immediately becomes a star? Good language, however. - skegg pm

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Here you are, good java books for those who want to get serious about programming in this language:

I myself studied Java on them.

  • @ Drac5, why is the first volume Kay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell not advise (and only the second (Programming subtleties))? - avp
  • @avp, I actually gave a link to both books ... - Drac5
  • @ Drac5, sorry. I looked only at the covers and the first volume of the same Horstmann did not recognize. Probably I have another edition ... - avp
  • @avp, 2009 and later editions do have a different cover. More colorful than the original. I have just the old version, but now only the new ones are on sale, therefore the link to the new ones. - Drac5
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    @Viacheslav, after reading any book, you will not become a middling player, since it is necessary to turn out a living programming experience. Running programs from books is required. - Drac5