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Hello! Advise any tutorial for beginners on JavaScript, otherwise I just start, and I do not understand anything about it. Yesterday I read a tutorial from Joe Burns, and Andri Graoney, but I understood little.

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    Try W3Schools JavaScript Reference . There all with examples, and you can pohimichit yourself. Plus DOM help. Not really for beginners, but very useful and accessible.

      Javascript the definitive guide is definitely not for the beginner. Reading almost 200 pages without examples and without really understanding what you are reading about is hardly likely to contribute to learning.

      I read "Uncovering the secrets of Javascript", "Javascript. A detailed guide" (although this book is more on jQuery initial acquaintance).

      I can advise myself this way: start with a minimum, reading simple books for teapots, and then, for a better consolidation and deep understanding of the material, take up the book mentioned first.

        I got mad at the javascript garden . Quickly and to the point.

          I can recommend an excellent Russian-language resource on modern browser-based JavaScript - . There is a primer . There is a reference book on the basic elements of a language (objects, global methods, properties, language constructs). Examples are clickable. There are blogs by community users.

          Definitely worthy of keeping it in your bookmarks.

            There is a convenient JS Fiddle site allowing you to play live with JS code snippets and see how they work.

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              Does the word console mean something to you? :) - Zowie

            Javascript the definitive guide - preferably the latest edition (6th).

              A course of lectures on .

                Nah, that's what you need. I downloaded a course of lectures, looked at it a couple of times and almost understood and found out, now only practice: a video course on JavaScript . By the way, there are many other interesting lessons.

                  As i said here

                  For me, the best book:

                  Beginning JavaScript Paul Wilton Jeremy McPeak Third Edition 

                  From the publisher Wrox

                  I have a translation of this book

                   Пол Вилтон Джереми МакПик Java Script Руководство программиста 

                  from the publisher Peter. I have this book. I highly recommend it to you and (especially for design) this is the best tutorial imho