Hello. You need to make a request filter, there is a $ request variable, which contains a request from a visitor, there is a second variable $ bad_word , which stores the list of forbidden words in a file in the bad_word format '=> "Sex, Porn, etc." to separate words, use a comma and a space . It is necessary to make it so that if any word from the $ bad_word variable matches, the $ request variable will take an empty value. It is desirable that the words from bad_word can be used independently of the register. I myself understand little in PHP, you can say a beginner, but you need to do it now. Thanks, I will be grateful for any tips.

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    To get an array of words from the $ bad_word string, use the explode () function, you can use the foreach loop to search and check all elements of the array, you can use stripos () to search for words in the sentence.

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    You just need to find the occurrence of the substring in the string. Use mb_stripos () , which, unlike stripos (), works with UTF-8 characters.

    <?php $needle = trim($request); if(mb_stripos($bad_word, $needle) !== false){ $request = null; } ?> 
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