Recently at work I encountered this wonderful language. It is clear that in order to start writing on JS it’s enough to read several blog posts. But in some articles you will not live - they are too fragmented and inconsistent. Therefore, I want to read a book for each of these technologies:

1) directly javascript language

2) HTML5

3) Node.JS

I would like the books to be compressed (without unnecessary digressions), fresh and most fully cover the topic of interest. Can you advise something?

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    I get the impression that a lot of people are busy searching for "the very, very correct book that" you need to read in order to learn everything at once. Like the topic - read all the books on the topic; from poorly written ones, you can also learn a lot. Plus, yes, the search for "best books for XYZ" on stackoverflow has not been canceled yet. - Costantino Rupert
  • @ Kitty> a lot of people are busy searching for "that very, very correct book" that needs to be read - and I have such a book (I find them (each in my field) for a long time looking for and finding :) - Rules
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    Possible duplicate question: Books and other materials for education - Visman

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1) see here

2) see here (HTML5 - semantics) and here (HTML5 - js API for beginners)

3) first get started with JS, and there you can take a node.js.

    By javascript: Modern JavaScript Tutorial

    By HTML5 - Christopher Schmitt, Kyle Simpson "HTML5. Programming Recipes"


      I will make my five kopecks. According to JS, there are two very good books (if they have already been mentioned here in the links above, sorry)

      1. David Flanagan - A JavaScript Detailed Guide. The book from the famous publisher O'Reilly, currently the latest is the 6th edition, we have published last year.
      2. Danny Goodman - JavaScript user's bible. I have seen the 5th edition of this book from 2006, but I think there are much more recent versions.
      • @DreamChild I'm just the author of "the above question specified by @Astor" and I can say for sure that the user's JavaScript book is completely opposite to the requests of the author of the question, namely, there is a lot of "water" - Rules
      • @Rules, hmm .. admit, did not notice the author's request about the lack of water) Here you are right, this book, perhaps, will not work - it is quite voluminous. As, however, and the second, that too not from small and too with all details. - DreamChild

      I believe that application design is one of the most important skills for a developer. Understanding patterns, the ability to design applications and understand the pros and cons of certain decisions, without any doubt, the skill that runs through all the lessons, blog posts, articles in news feeds and habrakhabrah, helping to combine all these disparate practices.

      I will recommend this book - Addy Osmani "Patterns for scalable JavaScript applications . " Under the link my translation of this book into Russian. The book discusses the design of application architecture based on the patterns "Mediator", "Module" and "Facade".

        I will list a few books and resources, which must read.

        1. JavaScript - a detailed guide. 6th edition.
        2. - detailed reference (partially translated into Russian)
        3. - a very detailed description of the standard EcmaScript (in Russian and English)
        4. - developer prototype.js blog
        5. Cody Lindley - JavaScript Enlightenment (published in OReilly in December 2012, you can download a free pdf version on the author’s website)
        6. John Resig - Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (published in 2012 in English)

        This is quite enough for a start. The rest of the resources and books, including those widely known, I do not recommend reading yet. There is a risk to get incorrect information.