document.getElementById("mail_topic").value = "Hallo!тренирую просто javascript"; document.getElementById("mail_write_field").value = "javascript"; document.getElementById("mail_send").click(); location.replace('');` 

So you can send one message and return to the send window, I thought to make a cycle: sent, returned, sent more. Nothing works (as you can do, tell me, please).

  • Um ... Open frame - set up a form for it - send a message. Repeat. And then think about what to do with a fucking bunch of frames. Or read about ajax. - ling
  • Thanks, why can't we just make a loop? - Max Dumchikov
  • So I say: add iframes loop). Or cycle Ajax to send requests. - ling
  • I mean, without a frame, just write this code in a loop in the browser line. - Max Dumchikov
  • Because when you change the address in the address bar, all requests are terminated, as I recall. The browser thinks that you have moved to another page and interrupts all js (including cycles). tell about frames - <pre> javascript: (function () {var f = document.createElement ('iframe'); document.body.appendChild (f); f.src = "javascript: alert ('lol');" }) (); </ pre> You can even try here) - Sh4dow

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If you do what you want, then you need:

  • create a web page;
  • in the web page to push the frame of the contact, namely the page sending the message;
  • Into the parent document, insert the specified JS, only need to correct the location.replace for a similar one for the frame;
  • execute the script.

Even after all this, messages will not be sent in a loop. At least for two reasons:

  1. We will interfere with captcha.
  2. It is necessary to generate the correct frame address, we are interested in this: "write6194575? Hist = 1", it will constantly change.

Vachpe something your task is implemented using server languages, including php. So learn. And I wish you to use this knowledge for peaceful purposes (many programmers could break software and web pages, but for some reason they don’t).

  • And please, some code. I'm new to JS. And why frames? - Max Dumchikov 8:38 pm