Personally, in my opinion, this is a person who creates design layouts and then imposes them, i.e. can draw in photoshop and knows html, css, js.

Met the opinion that this is the same designer-layout maker, but without knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS.

It also seems to me that if you are a layout designer, then it is easier for non-understanding people to say that you are a web designer than to tell who this layout designer is and what ...

In general, your opinion is interesting.

Yes ... In the answers they write and this and that I indicated above ...))

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    Now it is like a generalizing concept. For example, a clothes designer is developing a collection, drawing sketches, but this does not mean, and cannot know, that he cannot cut and sew. PS Personally, I don’t really like to say that I’m a web designer to people who are far from this direction. I say simpler - a web developer. By the way, I usually hear in response: "Oh! So you are a programmer. Well, of course ..."))) - Deonis
  • How can you not notice the word web and start just about the design)) - inferusvv
  • @ inferus-vv, why don't I notice? My first sentence in the comments is to refer to the “web designer”. - Deonis
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    > this is a person who creates design layouts and after their imposition it is very rare for people who design layouts and impose equally well, besides, it is very time consuming, usually a designer and client side (frontend) developer - 2 different positions - Specter
  • @Spectre can not imagine, for some reason I also enter this group :) But later it is easier and faster to type out. - lampa

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A web designer is a person who owns graphic tools (Photoshop, Corel Draw, InDesign ...) and knows how to draw by hand. A man of creative nature. Sometimes they are required to at least approximately imagine what HTML, CSS, and JS are. He does not do any typesetting. From the typesetter require less creativity and more appropriate layout design.

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    that's why it is a web-designer so that he can fasten his design to the site. - IVsevolod

Design is a creative method, process and result of artistic and technical design of industrial products, their complexes and systems, aimed at achieving the most complete correspondence of the objects created and the environment as a whole to the capabilities and needs of a person, both utilitarian and aesthetic.

Layout - the process of forming the pages of the publication by linking text and graphic elements.

And what exactly are you trying to compare?

  • Design .. And in the question of web design. - inferusvv
  • Design - it is design everywhere. In the first place usability. And if you learned to use Photoshop, and consider yourself a designer ... Well, I sympathize. - Indifferent
  • I do not need to sympathize. I know how to design, but I consider myself a typesetter. And the designer without any photoshop. On CSS3 minimalist artwork - inferusvv
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    Do not quite understand what answer to your question you want to hear? Want to understand how to introduce yourself to people? Then @Deonis is right - "web developer". How to sell yourself? Then, of course, the "designer" - it costs more. "Designer-designer" - if you want to work on low-cost customers. "Maker-up" - if you do not want to take responsibility for usability. Well, if you need a term that will define your inner world when describing your talents, look for other talents in yourself. - Indifferent

Well, IMHO, a web designer is a person who knows how to draw a candy that people like and are comfortable with.

That is, it is not only an artist and a generator of ideas, but also a person who understands how elements should be placed on the page so that it meets the expectations of both the visitor and the customer.

And ideally, he also has an idea of ​​layout, that is, that the web designer draws does not require mats and constes for someone who will convert it from PSD to HTML))

About the typesetting ... on the same desk where he worked, there were many bibizyans in the staff who knew how to double up the page and sometimes even rivet it from a picture from scratch. And there was also a freelancer who earned more for two drawings than the layout designers for the month ((

  • The first two paragraphs can be replaced with one word - usability :) - inferusvv
  • Not really - usability is when the button is located exactly where you are looking for and is called and looks like this - as you are used to. "Candy" and usability - hard compatible things; and the better the designer is able to combine them - the more expensive it is (the reverse is not necessarily true)) - SilverIce
  • It seems like you wrote, all the same can be attributed to usability .. "which understands how elements should be placed on the page, so that it meets the expectations of both the visitor and the customer." - inferusvv pm

Profession web designer

A web designer is a type of designer. All the classic qualities of a designer should be inherent in him, because his task is to make a design that is logical and pleasing to the eye, which will be posted on the site. In addition to websites, web designers develop banners, online postcards, and electronic presentations. In a word, everything that somehow concerns the graphic display on the Internet pages.

The specifics of the work of a web designer:

Advantages of the profession:

  • With due experience and qualification, the demand in the labor market,
  • Not limited to a single country
  • The ability to work remotely
  • The web design market provides great opportunities for professional growth,
  • Any design error is fixable.
  • You can implement almost any idea without cash costs,
  • Decent pay.

Profession Cons:

  • Working in this area is as hard as any other
  • It is difficult to change such a creative profession
  • Often the artistic vision of the customer and the performer do not match. Because of this, one has either to convince of the need for a specific design decision, or to agree with the amendments.

Profile education:

Higher education is welcome, as well as core courses, but if there is none, pay attention to the portfolio. Need to know: Adobe Photoshop. It is desirable to know: Corel Draw, Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, HTML / СSS.