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MapView added to MapView and three buttons to switch the map mode. In Activity , onCreate set to the initial view of the map display like this:


But this is not suitable for changing the display by pressing the buttons, since there is only setTraffic , setStreet and setSatellite .

I found the setMapType(int type) method in which the type can be MAP_TYPE_HYBRID , MAP_TYPE_NORMAL , MAP_TYPE_SATELLITE`, but I do not understand how to use it.

Tell me how to create your own controls that are responsible for changing the type of cards?

  • Well, you said you found a method. AND? What is the question then? Try to formulate again. And yes, ... will answer most of your questions. - falstaf
  • Changed the wording of the question. And yes, I was already there, there were no less questions. I see no reason to add a hundred options that I tried, so if it’s not difficult at least just a piece of code for this situation. - s01nyshko
  • Very little information. Well, you found the setMapType method, well, you tried it, why didn't it work for you? What is the difficulty then? - falstaf

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I decided to simply convert from MapView to MapFragment, since there such things are provided initially.