I wanted to ask whether it is possible to somehow remove the close button (a cross in the corner) from the modal window, that is, to close it by pressing a button. I myself use the plugin on jQuery - fancyBox, but I did not find such a function in the parameters.

If anyone knows how to implement this help. Thank you in advance!

  • And here, fancybox.net/api , is there showCloseButton in the options - is this not suitable? - yozh

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Open firebug and click on the button, take and watch its class or id. The button has id fancybox-close (looked at the demo page). And you write visibility:hidden through the CSD to it (you can use display:none to hide the elements, but this will not work with fancybox , because the script fancybox display:inline element on the style attribute).

    Fancybox api

     $("#link").fancybox({"showCloseButton": false}); 

    This action will hide the close button of the window.

      As an option - hide after generating the window :)

      • And you can detail how to do this? )) - MikroFF