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I'm not sure that I ask a question in the right forum, but then send it to the right one, if that. ) And it would be nice if you could immediately insert images here. Thank you in advance. I hope for a clear answer.

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    It seems to me (but I could be wrong) that the error in the diagram above. Apparently the result of the command should be recorded and the memory is not at the address "Reduced", but at the address "Difference". == The four-address command differs from the three-address command (its format: COP OP1,OP2,RESULT ) by the presence of the transition address to the next command. In all other architectures, the next order is selected. == INFA on request "four-address computer" in the internet is. == In general, (IMHO) quad-address architecture is more of an academic exercise, there may have been such glands once, but they are unknown to me. - avp
  • It seems to me that the diagram simply shows that the result of the command is written to memory. Thanks you! - cherry cherry rainbow
  • @alias, you are probably right. Just an eye somehow ran right along the scheme ... and stopped at "Decrease" - avp

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Here you can temporarily see your book: the architecture of the base computer .
And then download in PDF.

The architecture of the base computer is called ('2010). Basic - refers to the Von Neumann architecture . I found the book with the request "address of the next command", "address of the result", "address of the deductible", "address of the reduced" (one and the right result - surprisingly not true). That is, the answer is obvious: According to the link, under figure 1.9 everything is painted in the book.

All questions from microprogramming, circuitry (binary logic), signal-level programming ... and so on and so on - refers to computer issues. To the questions that you studied in the university

welcome :)

  • Ahhhh, little book! Thank you very much!) And so, I'm a freshman) - cherry cherry rainbow
  • Iranda, are you aware that the only link you left to the book will disappear within 24 hours? (pdf converter does not keep in cache for a long time) - xsi