There was a question to choose a language for further development. Programming on php 2 years. What language to choose python / django or ruby ​​on rails? Which language has more perspective?

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    It seems to me that in vain you are waiting for objectivity, asking a similar question. Everyone will praise what he knows / knows how to cook. :) - falstaf
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    keep writing in php. There are not so many normal students - sonniy
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    @falstaf - I speak about web development and only talk about what I see every day with my own eyes. - Zowie
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    Programming languages, libraries and other frameworks have only one perspective - to be used, until these things die of old age. TIOBE-Shmiobe puzomerki ... when technologies are so popular that 100,500 positions are open for each one - these ratings do not mean anything meaningful. So far, both Ruby and Python, and their ecosystems are in relatively good health, and are not going to die. The question is who in the future will go to the forefathers faster - this is not here, but to "the battle of psychics." And, if that - even Kobol's corpse, won, still sometimes moves and howls moanedly. Dixi. - drdaeman

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Take a closer look at JavaScript , I think the language has great perspectives. Node.js - for server-side programming (Backend), jQuery, Sencha, and a bunch of client development frameworks + under Win 8, you can write desktop applications.

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    Prospects for JS in the development of backends (Node.js) are very doubtful, at the moment it is the prerogative of only enthusiasts and small companies. The enterprise market has consistently held Java for many years, the niche of widely scalable fault-tolerant server solutions is Erlang and, to a lesser extent, Haskell. So, today JS is just a front-end tool, nothing more. - falstaf
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    holy war detected - Gedweb
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    Mobile Linkedin migrated from Ruby to the node VKontakte is using a node for XMPP (chat and notifications) Yandex used the node in the mail again for the chat (which was covered) - xoma
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    @falstaf about linkedin, if it is written that they use the node it does not mean that everywhere. Regarding yandex,, VK - Google to help, and, so to speak, for general development - JS on the server is not only Node. And yet, those who still doubt that Node is already prod ready - a list of those who disagree with you (he, of course, is far from complete, but an linkedin, for example, is there) Well, in the end - javista , whether you like it or not, JS rules :) - Zowie
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    Phrases like "% language_name% taxis" let's leave to students and holivarschikam and will choose the tool according to the conditions of the problem and the requirements of the project. Fanaticism is not a sign of professionalism. - falstaf

IMHO, the choice of language means practically nothing for development as a specialist and professional demand in the future. And in general, you are comparing frameworks, not YP.

Subjectively - in Python I meet vacancies / orders more than Ruby.

    If we talk about the threshold of entry, then for the programmer it is the lower, the better probably (although this is still an ambiguous statement). And for the employer, most likely, the low threshold of driving is not so good - you will have to choose among the herd of code monkeys who write it for% language_name% because of its simplicity, and therefore do not grow in professional terms

      Judging by the fact that you programmed in php (which means for the web), I would advise you to take a closer look at ruby ​​(and ruby ​​on rails in particular). Ruby as a language is no better and no worse than Python, but Ruby on Rails as a web framework is better than Django, Pylons, Yii, etc. RoR - trendsetter, if I may say so, among the frameworks. There are many books, documentation, examples, and one of the largest framework communities.