I just want to make a type list like Twitter for Mac, Echofon, Mail.app (Lion) ... On the iPhone, this is simply done based on a table with a custom cell from a view. And then somehow there was no obvious solution at once. The table can not drive a view.

Found an interesting component PXListView .

But it works strangely. Half of the functionality had to be cut. And when I try to delete rows from the bottom up, all the cells disappear and appear only after reloading the table.

Advise another way to create a list of the array for a given pattern in the XIB.

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    NSCollectionView . Guide here or here .

    • Yes, and if you are going to write an application under Lion - there appeared support for view-based cell contents (as on iOS) for NSTableView. - VioLet
    • Thank you so much. I was all rummaging through the tables, but it turned out so simple. - BUDDAx2
    • Yes, when I myself was engaged in this business at first, I drew custom NSCells for NSTableView. It turned out crooked, but at least it worked. And only after 2 days it dawned on me that I could look at other options. - VioLet 1:02 pm