Good day. The js script is running on the server, is used, flashsocket transport. I want to run several instances on different ports. Two questions follow from this:
1. Is it right to leave the flash policy server enabled only for one instance? Because when others are enabled, the error is an EADDRINUSE. When enabled for one instance, everything works.
2. Since instans more than one included RedisStore. Does this mean that the code


will work correctly, that is, the socket is known in any instance? What will happen, for example, if the client is connected to instance 1, and in the second instance you call the previous code from the client's socket, which is connected to the first instance?

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    Regarding the second sub-question:


    Here [to] should be the socket ID of a specific user, that is, for each connected user, a separate thread is created, as it were, with its own unique ID_SOCKET.