Polazil in Google, did not find a solution. The bottom line is that you need to associate your file format with your application. Click on the format opens the application. I would be grateful for at least something (where to dig)

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Well, it's better to look in English: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3760276/android-intent-filter-associate-app-with-file-extension

On the whole, @rasmisha correctly noticed. Add filters to your main activity and write processing logic. I suspect that in the Bundle (in the onCreate parameter of your main activation) there will be corresponding parameters for the file: location, name, and so on. But in any case, this information you also need.

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    > Well, it’s better to look in English: stackoverflow.com/questions/3760276/… well, on the other hand, now on our forum there are some thoughts on this topic - rasmisha
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