How to implement something similar to the terminal, that is, you enter, you are authorized, then you just send commands, for example, echo myname - the name is displayed in the profile or just plain text from the database; Only the database in the text file will be, for example, echo 1 - the text from the database is displayed.

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  • Not something you offer me! I need it purely for myself) for example, I entered echo 1 in the field - the value echo 1 is taken from the base. - Pavel Dura
  • <i> the value echo 1 is taken from the base </ i> <br/> What is it like? - cy6erGn0m
  • Simply put, just what I enter in the field is displayed, for example: help; what is in the database under the help value is displayed; I hope you understand! - Pavel Dura
  • one
    Can you just install [phpmyadmin] [1]? [1]: - Ilya Pirogov
  • I speak php. - Pavel Dura

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Nothing to write. Everything has been done . For example, PHP Shell . If you need to perform some special commands, then you can parse and execute. Maybe with eval .