Hello to all! Here I wanted to configure Denver so that my Apache became visible in the global network. As I understand it, this is possible if the IP address is NOT dynamic, and I have 3g mobile Internet, respectively, and the dynamic address. Everything? Is that the end of it? Or are there any options?

  • Do you need a website to be visible by IP or domain name? - VladD
  • By domain name - Deus
  • Thank you, we will understand - Deus

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There is another option: the client - vds - (vpn) - a computer from the local network. There are plenty of examples on the Internet. in this case, the limit on gray ip is bypassed.

    What about DynDNS ? Dynamic IP, in theory, is not a problem, as long as it is "real", that is, not because of NAT.

    Here is a whole list .