Is it possible in principle to access the Internet from a script running on localhost? Like that:

<a href='http:/'>mail</a> либо : <?mail('','subject','body'); ?> 

In the case of a link, Denver writes that no such page was found on the localhost

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    <a href=''>mail</a> you forgot one slash. as for the second option, most likely if the mail is not sent you have not configured sendmail

    • Thanks, I didn’t notice how I missed the slash. About mail - all mail is sent to the internal stub! Sendmail, and where to register an external sendmail? - Deus
    • If you go to Denver in \ usr \ local \ php \ php.ini and there in the [mail function] you can configure some external smtp for example Google or your provider, then you can comment the stub in the form: sendmail_path. Sori, I do not have a Windows but the course of actions I see this. - binliz
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