I know that the gmake were installed in the /usr/local/bin . Trying to execute the make script directly from this folder I ran the command

 root@one: /usr/local/bin# ./make /volumes/openssh-6.1p1/Makefile 

to perform the second step of installing openssh (see Using gmake ) after having done ./configure . As a result, received messages

 make: Warning: File `/volumes/openssh-6.1p1/Makefile' has modification time 39006 s in the future make: Nothing to be done for `/volumes/openssh-6.1p1/Makefile'. make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete. 

What command should be executed with gmake from the /usr/local/bin with the make binary to perform the second step of installing openssh ?

  • Does the launch from the Makefile directory work? If so, why pervert, well, the authors of the Makefile did not provide for this. If not, your problem is not in the directory, but in something else. - VladD 2:07 pm
  • @VladD just make in the Makefile directory works. - ivan89 2:26 pm
  • @ ivan31: what's the problem then? Come pragmatically. Well, the error in the Makefile, did not provide for this case. Notify the authors of the bug report. - VladD

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And what does not suit

 cd /volumes/openssh-6.1p1/ && make 


so or

 cd /volumes/openssh-6.1p1/ && /usr/local/bin/make