For MySQL, there is MySQL WorkBench, for ORACLE - SQL Developer. And what environment gives similar functionality for MSSQL?

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    ms sql management studio express is a free version. you can download from their website

      I’ll clarify the answer a bit - IDE - MS SQL Management Studio - comes bundled with all versions of MS SQL Server, except the Express version - is quite convenient for development (especially if you add addons), so they usually use it. For the Express version, it can be downloaded from their website - it is a separate component.

      • Thank you, I just installed the Expert Advisor - I searched it in the folders, but I didn’t see anything like that. :) - stck 8:18 pm

      There is also an alternative to SSMS - dbForge Studio for SQL Server . Personally, I did not use it, but according to reviews they say cool. It is paid, but there is an option, if I'm not mistaken, free (for non-commercial purposes for one developer). In general, you can see information about it.

        I really like HeidiSQL, also free.