Often, when setting a problem from programming, problems arise precisely with an algorithmic solution. I will give an example of tasks, find the number of different elements of an array, etc. I can’t think of an algorithm, or I’ll invent it, and there are problems with specifying the details of how the algorithm works and their implementation. It is often enough when I myself cannot think of it, problems with algorithmic thinking are visible and very little experience. To solve a problem, I usually ask a knowledgeable person, google or on the forum. I can watch a similar code of a similar task or read a solution described by words. There were questions.

  1. How useful or harmful is this?
  2. How do you advise me to fight this?

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  • This is useful. It is necessary only then, from memory, to try to program the read yourself. - avp

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Practice in solving purely algorithmic problems: processing arrays, lists, trees, graphs. I can recommend a couple of great books on this topic:

  • Donald E. Knut - The Art of Programming
  • Stephen Skien - Algorithms. Development Guide
  • Thomas Kormen, Charles Lazerson, Ronald Rivest, Clifford Stein - Algorithms. Build and analyze

Finding a solution on your own will give you much more experience than rewriting other people's solutions from the forum. Therefore, decide, decide, decide. In this regard, it is still useful to participate in competitions like TopCoder.

  • To books I can add C. Wetherell - "Etudes for Programmers." I just don’t know if it’s realistic to find it now (1982). - avp

It is best to try to solve it on your own, sometimes it can take a lot of time, but there will be a development of thinking.

Is it harmful to resort to someone else's help? Well, it depends on what kind of help, if you decided everything at once, there is no point to this. It is better to ask some details, thanks to which you can think out the rest yourself.