Good day. Do not tell me how to remove the database dump in the form of sql. So that on another base one could just introspect the table data. Tried through pl deveoloper he does not add dates to quotes. Maybe there are some other means? Is there such a thing in toade?

  • And why is it even needed? Why not just make a normal normal dump? It is necessary to precisely the data? - cy6erGn0m
  • Yes. - Varyag988
  • Because the customer asks exactly this way ..) - Varyag988

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Oracle SQL Developer can export data from tables as a set of INSERT expressions.

In case you need to make a full copy of the database, then it is better to use the exp and imp utilities

  • And where exactly in the sql deveoloper where to go do not tell ..? - Varyag988
  • Right click on a specific table, in the menu select "Export ...". Follow the directions. - a_gura
  • Thank you. Can you tell me where in it you can change the format of the unloaded date? - Varyag988 pm
  • Why change the format if values ​​for dates are inserted through a function call to_date? Date is not a string type, and the format does not need to be changed, because this does not affect the insertion of data. - a_gura