There is such a thing as lazy evaluation — this is when the evaluation of expressions is postponed until the last moment. The absolute of this approach can be considered Haskell.

In some languages ​​(for example, Io), only function arguments are lazily evaluated, and all other calculations are performed vigorously.

Question : Which of the two approaches is described by the term lazy evaluation ? Or does he belong to both? What exactly is the described approach to computing? (In the second case)

  • Until I saw the tag, I thought it was a question about regular expressions :). - Jakeroid
  • In Russian, probably, the deferred calculations will be more correct. - a_gura

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lazy evaluation of arguments for the second? In general, lazy evalution in the first and second. Other languages ​​may use other terms.

  • Yes, it seems the second case does not stand out at all. - Vladimir Gordeev pm