What you need to know html, css, javascript, mysql it by itself, and what else?
1. What libraries need / is desirable to work with.
2. Framework? (pros, cons, whether to use at all), I would like to hear feedback on django.
3. Do I need to know any more languages?

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    In principle, you need everything you called + Django. The necessary libraries - it already depends on what you will do. Personally, I always replace the standard admin panel with a grappelly, I’m running a debugtoolbar. Well, then - it depends on the specific case. In any case, you have to spoil all sorts of third-party applications, but there is nothing complicated about it. Oh yeah, it would be cool to know mercurial, well, the principle of virtualenv (although this is already an amateur). I characterize django as this framework for me:
    1. Easy to learn.
    2. A large number of third-party applications
    3. Extensive built-in library
    It seems to have not forgotten anything :)

      It is necessary to clarify what you mean by a web-developer , if you just write sites without a high load then:

      1. Django or Pylons frameworks (and if it were, then it would not be bad to know SQLAlchemy) or Turbogears .
      2. Have experience with linux related to the deployment of the site on the chosen framework.
      3. As you already said, know javascript.

      By the way:

      mysql it by itself

      Not necessarily, you can know any other subd. But SQL is worth knowing.

      If you want to take up the development of highly loaded web systems, then you need to look towards Twisted or Tornado (as I understand it is written in twisted).