Good day, but is there such a javascript that scans the links array and displays links to the online video? Well, for example, there is a page on it there is an online video, and when you run this script, it displays a direct link to download this video with a thumbnail. Please do not kick much just started to learn javascript and nothing is clear.

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    for(var i = 0; i < document.links.length; ++i) { if(/_videoLink_/.test(document.links[i].href)) { //вставка ссылки согласно API сайта с видео } } 

    Instead of _videoLink_ you need an expression for a link to a video, for example: youtube\.com\/watch\?v=

      If I understand correctly, then you want to run the script locally, so that he would bring you links to the video from the page If so, using JS will make it not so easy :) The script above implies that it will be inserted into the page