The question is as follows:

I would like to have one file (Ruby) at the start of which a terminal will open in which you can write a message or simply launch some other program.

Maybe someone already faced this task ...

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    There are many ways: one , two , three , four , five (thanks, @Jarto), six .

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      exec([env,] command... [,options]) 

      Given external command.

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       class String def pr puts self self end end # 'qwerty'.pr class String def eval Kernel.eval self end end # '`ping`'.eval. # encode("windows-1251").pr.force_encoding("cp866").pr # '`ls`' # '`dir`' # '`ruby -v`' # '`whoami`' # '`echo "hello world"`' # '`php --ini`' # '`curl`'

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