Tell me, is it necessary to register the program, certificate of quality, copyright registration, etc., in order to use the program for commercial purposes? Has anyone done this (released their software products to the market)? thank

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    Have you ever seen quality certificates for Microsoft, Oracle, etc. programs? Certificates of quality issue these companies only for their dearly worthy name, to which, one might say, imbued with respect for the world. So, if desired, programmers are certified by these firms. Probably, these companies also have some quality certificates for programs. So that the state has certification? !!! This is, in my opinion, nonsense. Then the state should create a commission consisting of professional software developers or software testers who would pass the verdict on the program. But this is nonsense, in my opinion, for states. As I know the work of some private entrepreneurs in Belarus, they conclude an agreement on the creation and maintenance of some software, develop, receive money for the program and accompany their program. And no certificate for their program do not receive. Those. Here, in any case, the certification party is the customer. And how can any expert know what the customer side needs?

    You can create a 100% patent for your program or a piece of software code. Such operations already exist and are used. There are many of its subtleties that you should already recognize in the certification commission.

    • And further. In any case, it is possible to register the product of intellectual or other activities at the state level, so that it would be possible, if anything, to claim lawsuits, etc. - Anton Mukhin
    • The question was about using the program for commercial purposes ... - Leshij_2005

    Lawyer's answer ( Software registration ):

    Of course, if you use the software for commercial purposes, registration is required. Software registration is a verification of the existence of a program in an objective form and an indication of authorship. Registration of the computer program is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation at the request of the copyright holder.