What program to work with MySQL advise? In order to administer the databases both on the location and on the locale. Creating tables and so on all the functionality. It is desirable that the free was. Now I use SQL Manager Lite for MySQL. But maybe that is better?

And one more question. How to make ZendStudio 5.5.0 work on Windows 7?

  • And what is your not happy? What do you mean by "better"? I think SQL Manager Lite for MySQL has enough functionality for administration. - pelmeshka80
  • Well, you never know. Just let's say my program is paid, and if it is free to use, some functions are chopped off - new_russian_man
  • This is set in the program. The functionality of the MySQL application itself does not affect. - pelmeshka80

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From paid, I would advise SQLyog . The functionality is not inferior to EMS SQL Manager. And, unlike the latter, it works just as well in Linux under wine (although, as I understand it, you don’t need it)

Of the free ones, there is a very good IDE HeidiSQL . But it is somewhat inferior in functionality to the previous two.

On the second issue. The first link from google: Zend Studio 5.5 and Windows 7

  • Thank you really nice prog - new_russian_man