It is necessary to cut the corner of the photo (not bend). Is it possible to do this with the help of css?

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    Visually looks like a cut corner. In fact, an opaque triangle is placed over the corner.


    .corner { position: relative; width: 200px; } .corner img { width: 200px; } .corner:after { content: ''; width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 20px solid transparent; border-top: 20px solid transparent; border-right: 20px solid #fff; border-bottom: 20px solid #fff; position: absolute; bottom: 0; right: 0; 



     <div class="corner"> <img src="img.jpg"> </div> 
    • Thanks, it helped. - mrwebic

    1) Add a div with a corner of the background color.
    2) print a photo on N divas, where N is the maximum length of the leg of the angle.
    The second solution is super heavyweight, but it will work everywhere.
    3) print a photo as a background + as a border image . Then use chips from CSS Shapes

    • The background is not uniform. 3 option now try to implement. - mrwebic