Look, I have 2 network cards on comp1: one to access the Internet and the other to connect to another computer, that is, comp2. How to make the user comp2 on the local network can use the Internet computer comp1. I repeat once again that comp1 and comp2 are connected via a local network

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For example we have on comp1 2 IP addresses
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is our external IP address is the IP of our internal lokalki

Then put on comp2
default gateway

After that, go to comp1 in Internet connection properties, there you need to find the checkbox "Allow sharing".

    I don’t know how it is with everyone, but personally in my windows 7 it took to disable some "policies" (I was a carrier of a modem with Internet access) and to install the CCPROXY program. By the way, with its help you can monitor the access of the second computer. And how to connect, above, it was correctly described.

      In addition to the answer about sharing, I once used the handycache program in a similar situation, she was still able to do a lot of things besides just forwarding the connection.

        Make a network bridge, and allow a connection in the connection (on which the Internet hangs). It is not necessary to configure ip and dns, but the connection with them when the PC is turned on will be faster.