Hello to all! Since I recently decided to engage in cycling for projects aimed at production, and making a profit, I realized that some approaches to the organization of applications were not correct.

Now I have a question of such a plan: There are users, they buy from me a game hosting. I want to have such a system that would be able to charge customers both by the number of slots and by the resources spent on the game servers of these users. Actually, how to count the loot - I know, but I don’t know How to organize ... um .., how to call it, modularity, something, i.e., how to say billing, that user A needs to be rated by the number of gaming slots, and user B - on consumed resources.

Monitoring for this system is not a problem for me to write.

I suppose you need to implement some kind of interface? In general, while there are more questions than answers. I would be grateful for the advice and ideas)

  • Tariff plans. If there are not a lot of gradations, then you can not bother and stick the calculation methods rigidly into the code. - SilverIce
  • Agents by category (we have, for example, by telephony, by TV, by intercoms, etc.) must be counted according to the tariff, as comrade @SilverIce said above. - Vfvtnjd