I create my own online store project based on ASP.NET MVC 2 and I am faced with the problem of creating users and roles. By default, ASP stores all information in its own database, but this approach does not suit me, because I want to store information about users in my own database (so that I can connect each user with my purchases). Tell me, please, articles on how easier it is to implement (articles and links to tutorials are welcome)

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    When installing the database for authentication and roles, you can specify an existing database, to which the corresponding tables with storage will be added.

    • Where and how to do it? - Jembo_by
    • Oh, I know that. But as I understand it, then in all subsequent projects in Visual Studio all the roles and users will be saved in this database? - Jembo_by
    • No, you simply create the structure in the required database, and then specify the connection string in the web.config, which is in turn as the membership provider. - Cyrus
    • Thank you for what you need :) - Jembo_by