Web programming question. There is a certain project on python. cgi-scripts have, respectively, the extension py . Located on the server in the www directory. Execution of scripts there is configured and works. What can be done to call them from the browser line by name without an extension ?


Имеется address 

Нужно , that was caused by the line 
  • RewriteRule page1 $, not? - user6550 pm
  • Thanks, does not work - skegg
  • What exactly is not working? (RewriteLog) Python is not at hand, but here . And so . - user6550
  • usually this is done either by rewriting Python scripts, or by a "router", or a web server application is launched (without apache with nginx) - zb '

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OK, thank you all! I earned this redirection:

 RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^www/test$